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River City Futsal F-League Program is the final stage of the RCF Development model. The program incorporates our Youth and our Senior teams in preparing the players for match days and tournaments. 

in preparing those players high performance program is the final stage of development before players join our senior playing squad. This program is designed for prepare players for senior futsal. The program has a reliable reputation on being the breeding ground for young players with a large percent of the current first team's coming through coming through as academy graduates.

The program is for players aged 17+ with success at both state and national levels with multiple championships and consistent placings as runners up within the Youth age bracket. The program is designed to allow young players to be included in a highly structured senior men’s program and make futsal their primary sport. This is conducted under the guidance of AFC Level 1 licensed coach, Brad French as well as internationally experience coach, Daniel Sciacca. 

Our youth program has been built using a curriculum and framework in collaboration with multiple of our international partners, Roxy Kamal from Rapids Futsal and Felipe Furtado from ASA. Our youth program focusses on, but not limited to; advancing futsal specific skills, broad range of physical/social and psychological focusses, advanced tactical concepts, ball manipulation and trigger responses in game situations.

2023 Season Structure


The 2023 season will begin in April and end at the end of January.

The program will include:

  • Entry point physical testing

  • 2 sessions a week 

  • FQ State Titles

  • FQ SEQ Premier League

  • Gold Coast International

  • Provided gym programs

  • Provided nutrition plans

  • Provided access to physios and S&C services

  • Wellbeing monitored – twice a week

Players interested in joining the program should email club General Manager, Mitch Sciacca through the link below or at

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