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Gamer Futsal School joins RCF Network

Internationally renowned club, Gamer Futsal School from California, USA has agreed to join the River City Futsal Network.

Gamer Futsal School founded less than 10 years ago, has managed to pick up an astonishing 20 US National Titles and 28 Regional Titles. Gamer not only prides itself on their on-court results but also by providing an unparalleled training experience. Gamer also creates an environment where players are treated in such a professional manner, they are challenged to become stronger athletes on the court and contributing citizens off the court.

The partnership between the two clubs will also see Gamer Founder and Director of Coaching, Roxy Kamal reunite with River City Futsal Technical Director, Daniel Sciacca. Daniel has previously worked under Kamal during his stint at Gamer Futsal School between 2016-2019 and during their time at the US Women’s National Team together.

Club General Manager, Mitch Sciacca is pleased with the collaboration, quoting; “This is a fantastic agreement, not for just River City Futsal but for Futsal in Australia as a whole. To be able to provide players with multiple pathways to international high-performance experiences is second to none.”

“It is fantastic to be working with a club with such strong and similar views around player development pathways. We are looking forward to learning of Roxy and fellow club staff experiences.”

On the agreement, Roxy Kamal commented, “We are looking forward to this partnership with River City and their staff to help further the opportunities for both our players and coaches. As a club, it has always been important to us to collaborate with player-centric organisations looking to develop and enhance the game both domestically and internationally — working with River City falls perfectly in line with this and we couldn’t be more excited!"

This agreement allows River City to engage with US based futsal tournaments as well as creates a player and coach pathway and exchange between River City and Gamer Futsal School. The agreement to have immediate effect with both clubs aiming to collaborate on and off the court.

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