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Jinga Futebol backs River City Rascals

River City Futsal Club is pleased to announce further expansion of its Our City Community program with the signing of an agreement with grassroots training provider, Jinga Futebol.

The partnership stemmed from a shared focus of player development and a common vision of growing the game across South Brisbane.

The Our City program director Nathan Wooler congratulated Jinga Futebol for having the forward thinking and commitment to grassroots development and providing opportunity for young players in their local community to improve their overall level of futsal on and off the court.

“River City is very proud to join Jinga Futebol in this collaboration for 2020, it’s an exciting time for both programs,” Nathan said.

“Jinga Futebol does a fantastic job, and I believe with this collaboration, River City is thrilled to be able to provide a very visible pathway for Jinga players who want exposure to futsal.”

Jinga Futebol, was launched in 2016 and started with a player base of 15. Today it boasts, over 150 active players between the ages of 3 and 7. Jinga aims to provide, a fun based football training program to introduce young players to the sport.

Part of the agreement will see Jinga Futebol players provided training and game related futsal, using a development framework. This will also see opportunity to play against local football clubs wanting to invest in futsal as well as other grassroots futsal providers.

The programs share similar values and philosophies on coach and player development, with a curriculum system designed in the USA and adopted here to suit our players needs. The partnership will create many opportunities for young players to be exposed to futsal and start their life at River City.

There will be more information provided to Jinga Futebol parents via the internal TeamApp.

If you are not currently with Jinga Futebol and would like more information on River City Rascals, please contact

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