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River City Futsal Joins W-Superliga

Following the birth of the club over the last week, River City Futsal Club has been confirmed entry into the 2020-21 Women’s SuperLiga Season.

Access to the league has been granted through our partnership with Port Macquarie based club, Eastcoast Futsal. Eastcoast was formed over six years ago with similar values as River City Futsal, built to provide a quality and value for money service, with a positive culture.

Although renowned for their player development programs, Eastcoast have had quite a successful short history, including claiming Champions honours at the 2020 Gold Coast International, 2019 and 2018 National Futsal Championships (Women’s and AWD All Abilities), 2018 Auckland International Cup and 2016 Jiangmen Pearl River Cup (China). Eastcoast has also claimed many more smaller honours. A full list can be found at the bottom of the page.

The partnership will not just open up collaboration opportunities for player and coach exposure but also allow River City Futsal to participate in a various range of tournaments. Both clubs will now hold a hub on each side of the QLD-NSW state border.

River City Futsal spokesperson, commented on this milestone for the club, ”It’s a huge moment in the club’s history. To be able to gain access to such a prestigious league so early in our history is an honour.”

“Without the hard work of Mick Day and the Eastcoast Eagles staff, this wouldn’t be possible. We are also extremely pleased to be working with such a likeminded club.”

Eastcoast Head Coach, Mick Day also commented; ’Eastcoast Futsal is honoured to form an exciting new collaboration with River City Futsal. This relationship will allow for further grow for both clubs, combining our many worldwide contacts, sharing knowledge, while bringing strong club values and culture.”

Stay tuned over the next week for some more exciting news!

Eastcoast Eagles Honours

- 2020 Gold Coast International (Champions)

- 2019 World Futsal Championships (Runners Up)

- 2019 National Futsal Championships (Women’s Champions, AWD All Abilities Champions)

- 2019 FFA Vikings Football Cup (Champions)

- 2019 FFA World Fast5 Cup (Champions)

- 2018 Neymar 5s Redbull Championships (Runners Up)

- 2018 Auckland International (Women’s Champions, Men’s Runners up)

- 2018 National Futsal Championships (Women’s Champions)

- 2018 FFA Vikings Football Cup (Champions)

- 2018 ASN Futsal Cup (Men’s and Women’s Champions)

- 2016 Jiangmen Pearl River China Cup (Champions)

- 2015 ANFL (Women’s Champions, Men’s Runners Up)

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