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River City Rascals is an exciting training experience tailored for kids of the ages 5 to 7 years old.


Delivered in partnership with JINGA Futebol, River City Rascals programs are delivered with a distinctive South American flavour with an emphasis on fun and skills development!

River City Rascals is adopting the JINGA Futebol, which is a modified futsal program and is designed to teach players the basics of futsal and then apply that in a game each week.

The program is run in a relaxed environment where the kids have fun and develop a love for sport. It is run indoors so there are no cancellations due to weather and the focus is on having a great time and learning some fun skills. 

River City Rascals program is overseen by our highly experienced and qualified coaches.


The JINGA Futsal program is based on a weekly session (10 weeks) for 1 hour.  Players will train (training for 30 minutes) and play (in-house modified game for 30 minutes).

The games are played at a convenient and central location. The playing format will vary and may include smaller sized courts and played 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 or 6v6.

Rascals sessions will be held at various locations and times.

River City Rascals is an exciting introduction indoor team sports and futsal!


To be kept up to date with of all things River City Futsal and the Rascals program, register your interest NOW!

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