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Welcome to River City Futsal

Welcome to Brisbane’s newest and most innovative Futsal Club!

River City Futsal will provide unparalleled training and sport experience to our players. We strive to create an environment where our players are challenged to become stronger athletes on the court and contributing citizens off the court.

Though we are committed to providing a unique futsal experience delivered with cutting edge curriculum, it is also our firm belief that our member services should not solely exist on the court.

River City Futsal was developed with the intention of providing an exceptional player experience from start to finish. We take great pride in our well-rounded administrative club foundation consisting of effective and positive communication, consistent and noticeable culture, efficient planning, high operational standards, and transparent program goals.

Initially launching by offering senior players an environment where they are offered opportunities to play across any futsal tournaments throughout Australia. As a club, River City Futsal aims for players to play as much futsal as possible, to be an inclusive club, not restrict players from playing within other clubs or programs. Players are encouraged to seek further avenues to build futsal exposure, whilst encouraged to participate in committed River City Futsal opportunities.

Keep an eye out on our channels on Sunday for our club launch!

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