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RCF 1000 Days: From the Founders

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

To all of our stakeholders,

We want to thank you for everything you have provided us since opening River City Futsal Club.

To all of the sponsors and commercial partners, we can’t value what you have done to help create and build a foundation for our club to grow and offer so many different programs and opportunities for our players.

To the players, thank you for believing in us to be your home for futsal. We couldn’t have created the community we have without you being so open and willing to get involved in all situations. You represent our club to the highest level and all of you have such unique stories that help showcase why our club is so important. Your dedication is what drives the program to such new levels.

To the parents and followers, you are what keeps our club going. The support you provide your players and the constant positive interactions we have make the long hours so worth it. We can’t explain how important you have been in creating the welcoming atmosphere we have each and every day when attending training and games.

Finally, to the staff, what we have built so far is amazing and you are all the catalysts for providing our players with such an amazing platform to learn, develop and be their best self. Your influence on everybody you come into contact with shows the positive influence you all have.

Once again, thank you to everybody who has allowed us an opportunity to be your home for futsal. It is just the beginning and we hope you keep on this journey with us at River City. We are beyond proud of what we have managed to create but it really isn’t possible without all of you. So what is ours, is also yours.


Mitch and Daniel Sciacca

Co-Founders River City Futsal Club

RCF Founders, Daniel Sciacca (Left) and Mitch Sciacca (Right) at our Mansfield training facility

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