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RCF Celebrates 2nd Birthday

To all of our players, staff, sponsors and supporters,

First of all, we want to say thank you.

What started as a Covid-lockdown joke, discussion point, literal napkin idea is now 2 years old.

The concept of River City Futsal, started on the basis of a social experiment. The reality was to see what effect a social media page could have, what engagement and what interest would arise from it. An idea that captured players from a common area, similar interests who all knew each other for years. But it has grown to something more than that. It has grown beyond a blueprint model, more than a futsal club and is now a community that people are finding their sense of belonging, comfort, and confidence within.

We maintain the belief that futsal is a sport and should be used as a tool for people to learn about life, find themselves and experience different situations. It isn’t about making money; it isn’t about winning; it is about giving an opportunity.

In 2 years as a club, we have built an identity. A focus on the player, their characteristics and what makes each of them unique. We have provided players with a place to express themselves, on and off the court, which builds a framework for unity. We strongly believe in curriculum based learning, processes that are planned for 3 year cycles and business processes to make the realistic approach easily accessible for everybody.

Going into season 3, we now provide the following:

  • Development and introductory programs

  • High performance programs

  • Well-being and gym programs

  • Rehab and physio facilities through partners

  • 1 on 1/small group sessions

  • Mental health seminars and networks

None of the above is possible without the input and support of so many people. The success and silverware won last season means nothing compared to the journey we have taken as a club.

To everybody who has pitched in, believed in the idea and vision of the club, you built this club. To all of the sponsors, charity partners and program providers, thank you.

Season 3 starts today, it is a chance to celebrate what we as a community have achieved and built over the last 2 years and reflect on the journey.

Many thanks,

From the founders

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